Prints on display at Skin: Bay - Living Entropy

Four prints from the 3rd tableau of our Lilith: Myth to Flesh project will be on display at the hook suspension performance event, Skin: Bay - Living Entropy, which takes place on May 25, 2019 at the Omni Commons in Oakland, CA. This will be the first time that any of our completed 8x12 darkroom prints will be shown publicly since the decision was made to switch from 11x14 to 8x12 dimensions. These images will be included in the book of this series, which is currently in progress.

Additionally, both Luna Duran and Gretchen Heinel will be participating in the event, with Luna as a performer and Gretchen as a facilitator. Tickets are currently on sale.

Lilith: Myth to Flesh is a collaborative project undertaken by performance artist Luna Duran and photographer Gretchen Heinel.  By undergoing ordeals of the flesh, we aim to understand and communicate the sacred and transformative pain which Lilith endured on her journey from human to goddess.