Thank you

When we committed to the retelling of Lilith’s story we had no expectations for the outcome. We pledged to be open to whatever the project brought into our lives and assured each other that the risk would be worth it, no matter what it may bring. As we prepare to close this chapter, today we looked back at how fortunate we have been to be able to find collaborators who are not only professionals to the fullest extent of the word, but also amazing friends as our requests fall into a somewhat dangerous territory. For some this would require that they step slightly outside of their comfort zone and briefly into something foreign. At the end being met with collaborators who express their encouragement by showing their own commitment is more than we could have asked for. 

Infinite gratitude, in no particular order, to Lee Bartow of Annihilvs for being the sound board to everything and for all of your hard work setting up the show at Trans Pecos; the turnout was great, the venue and staff were friendly and helpful. That was a good choice. To May Moore on Makeup and @chaperone (our Adam), for setting the tone for the subsequent shoots. MacK for possessing the special powers of rope and for being the voice we could turn to for another inspirational perspective. To Brian Decker for your expertise when we really needed it and your friendship whenever we can get you out of your cave. To Sean from Duxglass for the beautiful sculptures, you brought them to life. Thanks to Numi and Dorothy Schmidt for your artistry and some great outdoor adventuring, let’s do more of that. Our deepest gratitude to Cere Coichetti for not only facilitating our suspensions but also for the deep reverence you have for the practice. When we’re on hooks we go to church, and within this temple your presence is grounding. Thank you for bringing such wonderful ladies (Snow, Magan, and Starr) and Brian Decker back into the crew. The piercing gathering sets a great precedent. Special thanks to Sire for putting on a great show, Muscle and Marrow for a beautiful set which we missed but the videos look fantastic. Our deepest gratitude to John Paradiso and Evoken for making our dream come true. When talking about bands for the show, you were the first pick and you were perfect. 

We did not anticipate such a good turn out. The audience was incredible. So many people in the audience witnessed suspension for the first time, thank you for allowing us to welcome you. Until next time,

Luna and Gretchen
Myth to Flesh

Lilith: Myth to Flesh is a collaborative project undertaken by performance artist Luna Duran and photographer Gretchen Heinel.  By undergoing ordeals of the flesh, we aim to understand and communicate the sacred and transformative pain which Lilith endured on her journey from human to goddess.